It's hard to quibble with the quality of the individual-size pies, each cooked in under 90 seconds in 'the only open-mouth electric oven built in Italy.' Forcella founder Giulio Adriani has trained the crew to carefully stretch the dough, apply the San Marzano tomatoes and fresh mozzarella, and achieve a crisp and airy crust.

NY Magazine (Best Cheap Eats in NY  


"His trucks are environmentally friendly, fueled by natural gas, the ovens by electricity. 'He who stands in front of progress tends to fail,' Mr. Crespo proclaimed as we boarded the gleaming vehicle."

—The Wall St Journal


Neapolitan Express, launched by Max Crespo in 2012, touts itself as the first mobile restaurant powered entirely by alternative energy such as compressed natural gas and solar panels.



"Even the pizza boxes — made from recycled, and compostable cardboard — are eco-friendly. Pizza chef Giulio Adriani is Neapolitan Express' new culinary director." 

— The New York Post



”Aside from making pizza the authentic southern Italian way, the company says it is ‘aimed at changing the mobile restaurant industry, resulting in energy efficiency and safety, food quality ...” 

— The Wall Street Journal



"The creamy, silky cheese compliments the texture of smooth honey nicely, with the sharp crunch of jalapenos and cured meat adding another level of spice and crispness."

 AM New York


"... the first brick-and-mortar location of Neapolitan Express aims to redefine the perception of a pizza chain by flipping the script written by its predecessors."

 The Village Voice


""Neapolitan Express Roving pizza maker Giulio Adriani serves verde (arugula, kale), Margherita and Nutella pies at this eco-friendly bricks-and-mortar, powered by solar panels and wind turbines."

 TIME OUT New York


“This 'first and only' food truck entirely run by natural gas has bright open windows, modeling its healthy ingredients, top-notch equipment, recycled paper products and is impeccably clean.”



"You may have heard about Neapolitan Express. Recently unveiled in a press conference with Mayor Bloomberg, T. Boone Pickens, and the truck’s owner, Max Crespo.”